Friday, May 11, 2012

Stupid Questions! Myth or Fact?

There should be a national holiday called Stupid Question Day! I mean everyday there are some people who ask stupid questions. I have done it myself. The people who say,
"There is no such thing as a stupid question." came up with that saying because it clearly is the only type  they asked. At least that is my belief. There are absolutely ,without a doubt, stupid questions. Here are some examples of the most common ones:
Someone comes in and sees you on the couch watching TV and asks
"What are you doing?" hmmm well lets think about this one.....watching TV?
Your standing there talking on the phone and you get "Umm...are you on the phone? I need to ask you something."
I'm pretty sure the phone in my hand,placed at my ear, my lips moving, producing sounds that are quite certainly words, means....I'm on the phone Captain Obvious!!
That brings up another one. Why the question "Are you on the phone?" Its not as if we are standing or sitting on the phone. Just a thought.
How about this one:
"Did you eat the last piece of cake?" as you are standing there in front of them with the empty cake pan in one hand and a fork in the next. Mouth so full you cant answer. Icing on your chin. Crumbs on your lips. I wonder which one of these clues gave it away Sherlock?
There is of course the following question to that one.
"Why did you eat the last piece of cake?" Obviously the response should be
"I knew you wanted it so I just ate it out of spite, even though I hate cake. The only part I enjoyed from eating the last piece of cake was knowing you wanted it!"
Okay, seriously I wouldn't recommend responding with that if its your wife asking. Unless you want to wake up and find out you have become John Bobbitt Jr.
One question that I actually get a lot is when people look at my hair after I got a haircut and ask "Did you cut your hair?"
Even if you hadn't seen this person in a month and their hair was shorter than it was the last time you saw them, obviously THEY CUT THEIR HAIR!
I could go on and on about this topic because it happens to everybody everyday. I think that I have gotten my point across.
So instead of going by the "There is no such thing as a stupid question!" Philosophy and making yourself sound dumber than you look, I would suggest trying to adopt the  "Think before you speak!" attitude.

The characters in this blog are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Just so my wife knows I wasn't referring to her on here ;).
If anybody reading this has some examples of stupid questions I would love for you to post them.


  1. You've just slammed your head so hard into a door jamb and knocked yourself completely off your feetand there is a lump as big as Texas already showing on your forehead and someone leans over and says, "Are you okay?" hahahahaha!!

    1. Forgot about the whole are you okay question haha. Good one mom. Love ya

  2. You're at the dr and they ask "How are you doing today?"
    My response is always... I'm great! Just came in here to say hi and rack up more bills.
    Or you're sitting there changing a tire.
    Got a flat? No I just periodically switch them out on the side of the road for fun.
    Or my new favorite. I went to pick up my insulin and the pharmacist tells me it's 99 dollars then asks...
    Is that ok? Are you gonna have enough?
    I said Is this a trick question? If I say no are you going to lower the price?
    I agree there are def dumb questions!

  3. When microwave ovens first became popular I took a class in how to use them. The instructor covered a dish in Saran Wrap & poked holes in it with a thin bamboo skewer before placing it in the oven. Up went the idiot's hand & she asked, "I don't have those little skewers. Is it OK if I use a fork?"

    There's an old saying--"Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear."

  4. I second Mel on "How are you?" at the doctor's office. Another good one is, "Do you need any money?" Heavens, no. I don't need money. I'll pick some off the tree in the backyard.

    Janie Lola

  5. I just thought of another one: You're all dressed up & ready to go out. Someone comes in, looks at you & says, "Is that what you're going to wear?"

  6. I worked in a locksmith shop for almost 6 years. Our sign outside had a bit key, there was the word "KEYS" written on the window on the front of the shop, and when you walked in, the first thing you saw in front of you was a wall of keys hanging on pegs. The #1 most common answer I got was, "Do you make keys?". I would have loved to just once answered, "Nope, sorry we don't. But don't you love our modern art piece made out of keys behind me?"

  7. I thank everybody for the stupid questions that were put in your responses. I thought they were great. Been sick so havent been on here. Sorry.