Tuesday, May 15, 2012


That is exactly how I feel sometimes even though I don't actually express it out loud. Its quite humorous that there are soo many things inside our heads that we never exclaim through our vocal chords. Now there are those people whom you wish would keep all of those things inside. You know, the ones without that invisible filter between their brain and their mouths. Sometimes I wish I could be like that.
Funny how when you quit drinking and listening to metal all day everyday makes you more apt to being nice. I say this because there was a time when I spoke my mind.
The reason for all this nonsense should be explained. So here goes.....
I don't understand how some can fight their hardest to have their kids be a part of their lives and there are people that just take it for granted.
Example: Your supposed to see your kid this weekend and yet spend your time with your friends partying.
I don't understand people who yell at kids to be quiet or clean up after themselves when they don't do it.
Example 1: The TV is turned up to 40 on volume when everybody is sleeping, yet you gripe when the kids are playing in the house in the middle of the afternoon.
Example 2: You spill your drink all over the counter and let it drip all over the floor into the living room to the couch where you are sitting. Leaving it there for someone else to clean up. Yes, this is an adult!
The list goes on with these people but it would take days of posts to put it all up.
Worst part is when you say something they suddenly become the victim or didn't do everything you mention they are doing.
My wife and I love to live our lives quiet and clean. Even with five kids in the house it can be kept clean.
I am too nice.....so I am told. I let people in to help because I don't want to see anybody struggle or because family SHOULD be important.
I know most everybody has had to deal with this at one point or another in their lives. Usually I try to bring out my funny side on this blog.
I'm not trying to gripe....keep reading...there is a point to what I am writing.
Some say a smile can change it all.....I only started believing that when I saw my first child smile at me for the first time.
The important things I remember when all these things that happen are :
1.I have the most amazing wife I could ever dream of having
2.I have five loving children that are great and healthy.
3 My parents are still in my life and are some of my closest friends.
4.My brother is always here to support and help me.
5. I have a super awesome sister some of you may know, Melynda Fleury, who is always there and pushes me to excel.
Therefore sometimes the good does outweigh the bad.
Food for thought: No matter how bad your day is....it could always be worse.


  1. Amen! I constantly remind myself that it could always be worse!

    Your sister and your mother are my new friends and they are just the best!

  2. I used to wonder, how bad could things be--& sometimes I found out! Now, I don't care anymore. Life is good as long as you're on the right side of the grass.

    It would be hard to be upset with Melynda & Joy in your life!!

  3. About the internal monologue: I have that going on. I seldom say what's in my head, but sometimes it would feel very good and I would make myself laugh while others shake their heads in wonder.


  4. Love you, baby boy! Remember...aggravations are just that...aggravations...temporary things. You and Sarah are a strong team! You and God and Sarah are a 3 cord team! That is the strongest of all! We here...praying for you and cheering when you beat it! Love love love you!

  5. Holy crap go read my blog lol I didn't know this was up. For some reason it keeps taking me to your other post I decided to hit home just to see if it would show another post and voila! Seriously. Go read my post today. It's called count your blessings lol

  6. Write a new post bone head