Tuesday, May 15, 2012


That is exactly how I feel sometimes even though I don't actually express it out loud. Its quite humorous that there are soo many things inside our heads that we never exclaim through our vocal chords. Now there are those people whom you wish would keep all of those things inside. You know, the ones without that invisible filter between their brain and their mouths. Sometimes I wish I could be like that.
Funny how when you quit drinking and listening to metal all day everyday makes you more apt to being nice. I say this because there was a time when I spoke my mind.
The reason for all this nonsense should be explained. So here goes.....
I don't understand how some can fight their hardest to have their kids be a part of their lives and there are people that just take it for granted.
Example: Your supposed to see your kid this weekend and yet spend your time with your friends partying.
I don't understand people who yell at kids to be quiet or clean up after themselves when they don't do it.
Example 1: The TV is turned up to 40 on volume when everybody is sleeping, yet you gripe when the kids are playing in the house in the middle of the afternoon.
Example 2: You spill your drink all over the counter and let it drip all over the floor into the living room to the couch where you are sitting. Leaving it there for someone else to clean up. Yes, this is an adult!
The list goes on with these people but it would take days of posts to put it all up.
Worst part is when you say something they suddenly become the victim or didn't do everything you mention they are doing.
My wife and I love to live our lives quiet and clean. Even with five kids in the house it can be kept clean.
I am too nice.....so I am told. I let people in to help because I don't want to see anybody struggle or because family SHOULD be important.
I know most everybody has had to deal with this at one point or another in their lives. Usually I try to bring out my funny side on this blog.
I'm not trying to gripe....keep reading...there is a point to what I am writing.
Some say a smile can change it all.....I only started believing that when I saw my first child smile at me for the first time.
The important things I remember when all these things that happen are :
1.I have the most amazing wife I could ever dream of having
2.I have five loving children that are great and healthy.
3 My parents are still in my life and are some of my closest friends.
4.My brother is always here to support and help me.
5. I have a super awesome sister some of you may know, Melynda Fleury, who is always there and pushes me to excel.
Therefore sometimes the good does outweigh the bad.
Food for thought: No matter how bad your day is....it could always be worse.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Stupid Questions! Myth or Fact?

There should be a national holiday called Stupid Question Day! I mean everyday there are some people who ask stupid questions. I have done it myself. The people who say,
"There is no such thing as a stupid question." came up with that saying because it clearly is the only type  they asked. At least that is my belief. There are absolutely ,without a doubt, stupid questions. Here are some examples of the most common ones:
Someone comes in and sees you on the couch watching TV and asks
"What are you doing?" hmmm well lets think about this one.....watching TV?
Your standing there talking on the phone and you get "Umm...are you on the phone? I need to ask you something."
I'm pretty sure the phone in my hand,placed at my ear, my lips moving, producing sounds that are quite certainly words, means....I'm on the phone Captain Obvious!!
That brings up another one. Why the question "Are you on the phone?" Its not as if we are standing or sitting on the phone. Just a thought.
How about this one:
"Did you eat the last piece of cake?" as you are standing there in front of them with the empty cake pan in one hand and a fork in the next. Mouth so full you cant answer. Icing on your chin. Crumbs on your lips. I wonder which one of these clues gave it away Sherlock?
There is of course the following question to that one.
"Why did you eat the last piece of cake?" Obviously the response should be
"I knew you wanted it so I just ate it out of spite, even though I hate cake. The only part I enjoyed from eating the last piece of cake was knowing you wanted it!"
Okay, seriously I wouldn't recommend responding with that if its your wife asking. Unless you want to wake up and find out you have become John Bobbitt Jr.
One question that I actually get a lot is when people look at my hair after I got a haircut and ask "Did you cut your hair?"
Even if you hadn't seen this person in a month and their hair was shorter than it was the last time you saw them, obviously THEY CUT THEIR HAIR!
I could go on and on about this topic because it happens to everybody everyday. I think that I have gotten my point across.
So instead of going by the "There is no such thing as a stupid question!" Philosophy and making yourself sound dumber than you look, I would suggest trying to adopt the  "Think before you speak!" attitude.

The characters in this blog are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Just so my wife knows I wasn't referring to her on here ;).
If anybody reading this has some examples of stupid questions I would love for you to post them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The time Wednesday royally kicked my butt!

Just about everybody has used the expression "Its just one of those days!". It usually means one of two things. Either its been a day where everything bad that could possibly happen actually happens, nothing goes right for you at all, or the craziest things ever just happen.
My day was the latter. This story may seem like it could not happen but believe me, it did.
It started with a broken dryer which I took upon myself to fix. I have fixed every one that Ive owned. This one decided to just quit. I repaired the darn thing, turned it on and it worked for about five minutes then quit again. The motor was shot, Yay for me.
Score: 1-0
This "Day" started off just kicking my butt. The battle between me and my "Day" had begun, my evil nemesis. We will call him Wednesday.
This led to my wife having to go to her brothers to do laundry leaving me at home with four children. While she was gone the day just progressed into crazieness.
My father in law decided to mow the lawn. As he was doing this the lawn mower quit working,the belt  came off, which meant I had to go fix it. Of course, since I am mister fix it all. What man doesnt think he can actually fix everything? Right?
Score: 2-0
Moving on, I fixed it and he started mowing again. During this time I was trying to get my two year old son to take a nap without success. If anybody is counting this is problem number three. 
Score: 3-0
 This is when my sister in law came over and picked up her son, who lives with me part of the time, to take him to the park. He had been acting up all day and was grounded. Which led up to more issues than I care to elaborate on. Bottom line is that it was not a fun morning between my nephew and myself.
Score: 4-0
All of the sudden my father in law started yelling
"Shannon, I need your help!"
 I ran outside thinking he is hurt but no, the lawn mower was on fire. He had poured gas in it and it just lit up.
The fire got put out leaving us with a mess to clean up.
Score: 5-0
Believing now that I could actually go lay down with my son and get a little break from my glorious day was too much to ask for apparently.
Lauren (my sis in law) came back with my nephew Justin because she had to go to work and he was bad while they were out. Leading me to an afternoon of grounding. He is one of those stubborn kids at times. If I didn't know any better I would say he was my own, ha ha. Or at least a Williams.
Score: 5 and a half -0 (half a point because this one had already started today. My story, my rules!)
Finally I just gave up on getting my son Noah to sleep. This would be the time my son Evan's ear decided to start leaking. Yes I said leaking. He had tubes put in his ears recently and now his ear was oozing liquid. He started crying because his ear hurt and kinda freaked out over the ooze. Tomorrow another Dr. visit.
Score: 6-0
Now this just happened to be the exact moment my son Logan decided he was going to jump on the top bunk of his bed and let the ceiling fan slice his head open. Therefore blood and more crying. That made three out of the four kids crying at this point. No worries, Noah has a surprise all of his own coming up.
Score: 7-0
Noah figured out that he can have quite a high pitch scream. He thought this was hilarious and decided he wanted to do it over and over and over and....wait for it....over again. He also decided that it was funny to not listen to me  and run away when I tried to make him stop.
Lets go over this....three crying, one screaming, one oozing, one bleeding. Not too shabby.
Score: 8-0
My wife FINALLY came home. I thought she was going to save me from all of this. As usual, I was wrong. She had run out of her meds, for her thyroid and so on, and was feeling really bad. So I let her go lay down for a bit while I cooked dinner.
Score: 9-0
Now the kids were fed, showered, teeth brushed and ready for bed. With the day that my wife and I had we were kind of  a little bit on edge. What do married couples do when they have had a day like this? I am not ashamed to admit it because EVERYBODY does it. Even the ones who try to act like they don't.
We got into a little bit of a tiff. Nothing bad just a few disagreements over things that really weren't even worth it. The usual things most couple argue over. Realizing later how stupid it was and making up. Which by the way is the best part!
Score: 10-0
Of course there was a bit more that had happened but these were the big ones that I had decided to share. The thing people dont realize is that I have a lot of medical issues which put me on disability. Both from the Army and from my place of employment. When I have a day like today where I dont feel sick I really want that day to go good. Today was not that day though.
So Wednesday had really showed me up and kicked my butt.
Or did it?
I actually ended up winning for the day and totally reversed it. This is how that happended.
I put my kids to bed and they smiled at me, gave me hugs and kisses and told me they loved me. My wife and I went to be and looked at each other knowing instantly that we love and adore each other. Even after three hard years of medical problems etc....
I win and let me explain why; Having the worst day in the world can get turned around by one small word with the biggest meaning. No matter what happens on a horrible day or how bad life seems it could never superceed what I receive from my family and will cherish for the rest of my days. LOVE.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New at this

Okay, so my sister got me into this and now I feel obligated to do it. Just kidding...about the obligated part. This ought to be very interesting as I just put my life on here and see who actually thinks this is interesting. More to come....There lyndee I did it haha.